Bad bus rider of the day

Sure, go right ahead and use that empty bus seat next to you for your giant ugly bag, lady.  It’s not like the bus gets crowded for the morning commute or anything.  And besides, it’s YOUR personal storage space, go ahead and spread your sizeable self out while you play Bejeweled 2 on your iPhone.  No trouble at all, nobody really needs to sit there.


I actually prefer standing while riding the bus in the mornings, but there are plenty of people who’d rather sit.  Eventually someone asked her to move her shit so they could have the seat, but they shouldn’t have to ask.  People like this lady think that if they just focus their attention on their phone or out the window, people won’t bother them for the seat.  That’s how most people are in Seattle:  too timid to engage.  And a lot of the time it works.  But when I want a seat, I’ll just start sitting down and that purse/backpack/laoptop bag disappears amazingly fast.

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