0 comments on “What I’ve learned from using Facebook

  1. My solution for the “just-wanna be friends pleezz” is to to do nothing. The friend request just stays in limbo and I get used to seeing ‘4 requests’ and if I do get a new one it emails me anyways.
    I should go through this weekend and delete all those stupid program requests that have been building up since 06 I think. I just checked and it’s 67.
    As for the boring status updates, I add funny/snarky/weird comments (i.e “omg cooking dinner” “Bitch you better not be eating babies again”) so that I’m seen as funny – has gotten me free drinks before, weird – quietly deleted, an asshole – provides drama but doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. I figure the price for me being linked to you is having something you don’t want momma to see (is it just me or are there more parents trying to be ‘hip’ with it).


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