0 comments on “O happy day!

  1. your last sentence says a lot……”we have to give him a chance, but we should also pay careful attention”. i’m sure you heard all the words never before heard in a inaguration, like; “gay and straight”, and many more…. it’s the best inaguration i’ve seen, and it sure as hell beats some of the other messes, like, kerry’s, and others, especially du-ca ca, the guy photographed with that stupid tank helmet on his head….and many others…the gay contingent got placed near the end of the parade,(bummer) and cnn took the time that they were passing in front of the cameras to show a comercial…..i don’t know if the other channels showed the gay band etc., or not……i guess it’s wait and see………….


  2. for those of you that missed the gay marching band at the inaguration due to cnn or others going to break, you can see it on u tube or on davidmixner.com pbs showed it…..


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