0 comments on “MTV: No douchebag left behind

  1. Look around and you’ll find many examples of ‘Idiocracy’ already in progress. Everybody already speaks “a mix of hillbilly, Valley Girl and inner-city slang, and various grunts”.
    It’s certainly a worn-out cliche to say that Mtv doesn’t play music anymore, but damn it if it isn’t true. The channel really lost its luster when it decided to run the same crap that every other channel is playing, i.e., these boring ‘reality’ shows.
    Playing videos for most of the day is what turned me on to it as a kid (and it wasn’t that long ago), but despite Mtv being a glorified national corporate radio station, it shaped my identity and fostered a love for music that continues to this day. Some videos really can be high art, and I doubt that Mtv would have had as big an impact on me if it had played nothing but whiny pseudo-celebrities like it does now. I wasn’t interested then, and it’s certainly not growing on me.
    A firm kick to the teeth of any ‘personality’ whose only claim to fame is having been on a lame reality show. They started as nobodies, they’re still worthless, and I’ll never get riled up, like, “oh my god, it’s that guy from the 4th season of Big Brother!!!” It’s more like, “can I kill him(/her) and get away with it?”
    I sound a little bitter, I guess, but the DOUCHES (that *is* the correct word, Barry, propers!) running TV seem to think that we care. And we (those of us that matter) don’t care. We don’t care. Play some videos.


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