0 comments on “Black Friday mayhem: Is our species completely fucked?

  1. I don’t think it’s consumerism. It’s competition. Everything is a contest to these people, and this is just as good as excuse as any to better everyone else by being ‘first in line’ or getting the most stuff. It’s this ‘my kids an honour student’ bullshit, only gone one hell of a lot further.


  2. I actually laughed when I first heard that someone had been killed shopping at a walmart… and then I found out it was an employee. I couldn’t agree more with what you have written Barry – it is sickening. I don’t buy Christmas gifts except for my 4 year old daughter (and she WILL NOT EVER be getting any Bratz dolls). We do a family “Chinese gift exchange” where everyone buys a gift ($10 maximum) – it’s often pretty entertaining and it takes the pressure, commercialism and guilt-driven spending out of the holiday season.


  3. Fortunately this kind of competitive consumerism hasn’t quite hit the UK yet, but we’re not far behind and the corporations are doing their best to get us there. Whatever happens in the US tends to happen here a few years later, and it’s not a nice vision for the future. #8-(


  4. @ Emma
    Don’t worry, Bratz got their ass sued last week by the barbie creators, Matel. We hopefully won’t be seeing those dolls for a while.
    @ Shadowduck
    Don’t be so sure. At our local Woolies, where they just announced a ‘50% OFF MEGASALE’ or whatever, police had to be brought in to stop two women fighting over a frigging PLATE! and bearing in mind I live in a small community where maybe 2 murders are committed a year, if that. This is big news for us!


  5. @Dark Enchanter
    Ye gods, who’d have thought out of three comments two would be from Brits? Maybe this is a whole new readership emerging? #8-D
    Just the two murders a year… Hope it’s not THAT small a community, then! Even Eastenders doesn’t manage that many. I still don’t think our consumer programming is quite so complete as it appears to be in the States, but as I said we’re not far behind. Today, an elbow in the ribs and a hard glare, tomorrow trampled to death for a light-up singing santa.


  6. Watched “The Eleventh Hour” last night – very interesting as it echoed some of your observations Barry. Basically tied rampant consumerism to destruction of the environment.
    @Shadowduck and Dark Enchanter: I’m Canadian and a few years ago I would have said that this walmart death was so typical of the “ugly american” culture of consumption… but I’ve noticed recently that my fellow Canadians can be just as ugly!


  7. That’s the type of people who shop at Walmart. I’m glad I don’t shop there.
    Not only to avoid the people, but because of Walmart’s politics and importing all that crap from China and putting Americans out of work to the point where out of work can’t afford to shop anywhere but Walmart because their prices are so low because they buy all that crap from China, ad nauseam.


  8. This stampede is a story you would have heard about in another less civil country years ago, and woulda thought, “they must not have alot of consumer goods to go around”.
    I think it’s a reflection of the general mass intelligence and it’s current leader.(wink wink)
    Becuase those shoppers seemed stupid as fuckin broken doorknobs to me.
    They probably shouldn’t be allowed to have money, Yet alone think to go shopping for a sale, to buy toys.


  9. If you want to blame anyone for the bad economy, blame Wal-Mart. They created the “Giant Sucking Sound” to the Far-East. China has taken so many jobs from America that people are always scrambling to find new jobs in new industries. And donotcall.gov took away many of the cold calling jobs, so what else is there that unskilled labor can do than start to be a ward of the state and listen for the “Giant Sucking Sound” from the taxpayers. I have not spent a dime in Wal-Mart for years but they sure are using price to make people feel OK about the fact that they are actually stealing jobs from all of us. When will they learn??? Remember when Wal-Mart advertised that they buy USA products before products made in another country? That was 10 years ago!!! Just about every city and the state government in Arizona is running into a shockingly deep deficit and there are Wal-Marts EVERYWHERE!


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