0 comments on “Temple of Doom

  1. i picked this little gem up off of davidmixner.com
    “the purpose of a movement/campaign is a wining coalition” i been really pissed at the biggots headquarterd in salt lake city utah, ever since the election, but after reading david mixners blog, i’ve been trying to keep a civil tongue in my mouth, but it’s still difficult……….so now we have to get behind the boycott, get the campaign into high gear, and keep on going till they either overturn it, or have another election…………


  2. So bobby, aside from no coming here, how else are you going to protest Utah? Stop eating salt? Stop using propane, natural gas, or coal? Rip all the copper from you walls?
    I was born and raised in the south Salt Lake area (and moved out for a while but had to move back when the economy took a shit on Vegas first) and there are still protests and counter protests going on. While the rest of Utah tries it’s damned hardest to be accepted into flyover country Salt Lake City itself is full of counter and sub cultures of every stripe.
    Here’s some clippings from the local Alt.


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