0 comments on “Like junkies with crack, conservative nutballs are still cravin’ Palin

  1. On the eve of election day, my fourth grader said she was “kind of worried” about the whole election thing. I asked why. She said, “Well, what if Obama wins?”
    “What if?” says I.
    “Well, some kids at school said that if he wins, he’s going to teach the Kindergarteners BAD THINGS.. and he’s going to make us go to school on the weekends, and he’s going to cancel Spring Break and Christmas…!”
    Holy Shit. What are these parents drilling into their kids’ minds these days? And WHY? What’s the point of feeding this alarmist bullshit to elementary school children?
    On another, completely unrelated note.. I remember back when I first happened upon Total Obscurity: that fourth grader was an infant! It’s been a long time.


  2. Personally, I HOPE she runs for president in 2012. Even better would be if she wins the RNC primaries. Then we will all know, even the people who endorse her, how much of a big free-flowing mouth she has and how much of a jackass she can be. It would be good on the Democratic front if she wins because she will open her big mouth and the rest will fall right into place.
    And by God, she has said–without actually saying it–that she is considering running. I’m not sure that she knows that the job of president is not a popularity contest or is not decided by a popular skit on SNL.


  3. I left the United States four years ago, and I haven’t looked back because of the hatred that I as a Jew experienced there throughout my life. I also noticed that black people have always been treated even worse than Jews. I am that old that I remember landing at the airport in Miami, and seeing the separate water fountains and bathrooms in 1961for blacks and whites.
    For a country that calls itself the greatest and the most free, I think it is a joke. The jails are filled with innocent black people to this day. It is time that America start living up to all the things it says it is. Even the medical there is horrible. Since I have seen most of the world, and lived in a variety of parts of it, I feel that i am at liberty to say that America is far from great and free country it is supposed to be. In fact, this is one big fat lie! E Vicente


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