0 comments on “The Post-Election Post

  1. Someone I’m dating gave me a shirt last night that says:
    “Sarah Palin is not a cunt. Cunts are useful.”
    I laughed and laughed!


  2. Now that is why I read your blog Barry.
    I laughed and I cried (and it wasn’t just the wine emoting… really).
    And where can I get one of those shirts MyK Hell?


  3. I see you have used one of my posts from FOXNEWS and ripped into me for “not having the courage to right the word damned. Actually, the filter on that particular blog disallows such words and one must find alternative ways to type them, one of the more common ways being to simply type a star or other symbol in place of one of the letters.
    I don’t use the word ‘damn’ much in my personal life since my religious beliefs, which you probably hate as well, discourage it, but I am not one who “can’t bring myself to use the word”, or whatever you said, when quoting another person.
    Just thought I’d clear that up for you in case someone who reads this cares anything about the facts.


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