0 comments on “Does personal blogging still mean anything?

  1. Meh, keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve been reading Quantum Moronics since before it was a blog and I’ll still be reading it for as long as you want to keep writing it.
    What is this idea that a blogger has to post thirty times a day to be interesting? I keep reading it here and there but I just don’t get it. Maddox posts about once every two months, doesn’t have an RSS feed and STILL has one of the most popular sites on the tubes (apparently). Frankly, I’d sooner have one good post a week with no static than two good posts a day buried among twenty-eight pointless list posts, thinly veiled ads and meaningless burble forced out to keep the post count up. The few “professional” blogs I read tend to be the ones with low-ish post rates and high standards (for example, Psychology Today averages 1.1 posts per day according to Google Reader) – the ones that waste my time with filler get dropped.
    And besides, nobody else does anger like you do. I don’t even live in the States and I still enjoy your political rants; our Glorious Leaders are no better!


  2. I recomend you try one of your “quickie” posts again to try and get the ball rolling again. I always found those to be quite snapping and bring out your sarcasm the best. And you haven’t done one in a year, so it’ll be something a little different.
    I’ll always keep coming here; I’ve been reading your material for years and with your RSS feed it just makes it so easy to have a quick lok in and see if you’ve updated.


  3. Thanks for the comments, y’all! However, I shudder to think what was on my site in the mid-90’s. Some was fun (“Total Bastard Driving”), some was ignorant twaddle which shall never be mentioned again. I hope. 🙂


  4. Barry:
    Your site in the mid-90s was one of the funniest sites ever! I love the captions you made up for the photos, like the female factory workers you said were trudging through all the crap that television lays on us. Classic stuff! Of course, I understand where you’re coming from. I look back at some of the stuff I wrote back then and I have to either laugh or deny I ever wrote it.
    Oh, and dude, in all the disagreements, debates and arguments you and I have had over the years, the one thing I’ve never ever thought of you as is wishy-washy.
    The problem with blogging is that it seems to be dumbing down everything else. I know you’re much more literate than a lot of other bloggers, but many think that once they write a blog, they can write anything. We had someone come into the library who said he was writing a book, but had no idea how to go about it. He thought we should be able to get ahold of Woodrow Willson’s presidential papers (the originals, not copies) in a matter of minutes. Oh sure! And we’ll get you the original constitution while we’re at it. When I told him they were most likely in his presidential library, he said ok why don’t I just find him a book on the subject that has everything he wants so he can use it as his sole source. Um, that’s usually called plagiarism. When I asked what sort of previous writing experience he had, he told me he’s been doing a blog for over a year. I asked for what organization, and he acted shocked. It was his own personal blog.
    Rolling Stone Magazine has been hiring hot shot bloggers as writers and reviewers for their magazine, and it shows in the number of whiny, overly-critical, unprofessional reviews they’ve been publishing.
    Like I said, you’re more literate than most. Yours is really the only blog that I read on a semi-regular basis, and that’s because you’re a friend.


  5. Keep on writing Barry – yours is the only blog I can be bothered to read. You may write less and I may visit less, but I usually make my way through the back-log of posts in one visit. If you were as prolific as you used to be, I would never get caught up!
    I too have been visiting your site since the mid 90’s and I particulary enjoyed your “virtual apartment tour”. I remember you had a shot of the inside of your garbage can… the beginning of your true photographic genius; or maybe that was that when you took all of those pictures with the manequin head that you carted around with you 😉


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