0 comments on “Ignorant racist assholes for McCain/Palin!

  1. It just goes to show that the dumb southerner will vote based on one thing that a candidate will say and then retract. Idiotic.


  2. What a disgrace and an embarrassment for the US. These people are so gleeful in their ignorance. They outta be suffering for being so stupid and voting against their own best interests.


  3. I noticed the country music assholes are once again supporting the GOP, We have them to thank for George Bush, Fuck all of you rednecks.Nascar sucks,country music sucks,and the south sucks


  4. Why did the intro to “Idiocracy” come to mind while watching this?
    These are the sort of people who are so dumb, I’ll bet you could convince them that cutting off their genitalia will improve their sex lives.


  5. What is really sad, is that we let ignorant niggers and wiggers vote. Most of them dont know anything except he is black, so they like him.


  6. Are you shitting me? Egad.
    I should have watched that video on Halloween because that was pretty damn frightening.
    But I guess we should remember that intelligence is distributed on a bell curve and half of the population has to be in the lower end of the curve… Palin supporters in small town Ohio certainly appear to be well represented in the left side of the curve!


  7. Pathetic, retarded imbeciles. Why not cut off their food supply and stop them breeding? That would be the best thing for everyone in the long run, really.


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