0 comments on “OMG Hannah Montana’s 16th birthday and stuff!!

  1. I can’t believe that people actually paid $250 a ticket for this. I’m sure that all the freshly-douched doctor’s wives took the kids to treat them so that they could brag about it to their other freshly-douched “home artist” soccer-mom friends. If this shit is what’s holding up the economy, them I’m out.
    And what’s that about buying a puppy? Most kids say that they _got_ a puppy, not that the parents bought a puppy. Maybe that’s just the way that we say things here in Arizona, certainly a euphemism but a correct one in my opinion.
    “My parents shut down Disneyland for me, so I’m good for a while,” Cyrus said.
    With who’s money??? Certainly that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, huh?
    Cyrus’ father opened up for his daughter with a few of his own songs, including “Achy Breaky Heart.”
    God help us all.


  2. hannah montana or miley happy birthday on your 16th and i hope you are having a fun time.And hannah montana or miley i wouid realy like to come and see you but i cant because we havent got any tickets so i hope you had a great birthday yesterday. and every day i watch you on tv and i love it and i love high school musical All my love tia leoni crook xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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