0 comments on “The Palin E-Mail Panic

  1. the right wing press likes to give reagan credit for the collapse of the soviet union……..but out of control spending is what broke the soviet union….forget reagan, star wars and all that crapola………now we are faceing the same thing, a la bush……this right wing fundamentalist nut-job has blown more money on his war in iraq than the u.s. has spent on all the wars put together, and now he’s going to bail out the foriegn banks, and all the ceo’s-crooks, that caused the wall street mess… and while they are at it, they are going to let the ceo’s keep their goldedn parachutes……one ceo is going to get over 300 million bucks……this after running their companys into bankruptcy…….what kind of insanity is this?
    one week ago, the treasury secretary said the economy is in good shape, and now they’re going to give this jerk, the power to sign a check for 900 BILLION DOLLARS…$900,000,000,000…….
    SO whose going to get screwed? you, me, and everbody but the bloody crooks…(ceo’s)


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