0 comments on “Even more Olympic “special moments”

  1. if you think the chinese are a little heavy handed, you should read david mixner’s blog…
    davidmixner@yahoo.com………..he was one of bill clinton’s advisors and really knows a lot about gay politics, gays in politics, and is very up to date on all these issues, and more………..there are many anti-gay pieces of legislatione before the elecotrate now and he gets down to the nitty gritty and names names……
    plus, he’s writes a very interesting blog……
    anyone with the time should check his blog out…… i bet you’ll like it…………


  2. I read about this particular bible confiscation and laughed, for several reasons. First, China only allows travellers to bring in reading materials for “personal use” — akin to controlled substances like drugs. Second, because this group’s intent was clearly to distribute them amongst the ‘godless’ Chinese, who have bigger fish to fry than what Moses thinks about abortion. And third, I remembered that Onion article entitled “Poverty-Stricken Africans Receive Desperately-Needed Bibles”. Many of us need to take a step back and understand that if we can’t affect a basic humanitarian change in our own hemisphere, we oughtta stay the heck out of other (albeit more obviously problematic) situations.


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