0 comments on “Privacy is becoming the new terrorism

  1. Sez you:

    If you’re not familiar with Usenet newsgroups, they’ve been around for nearly 15 years (if not more)

    Try 28 years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usenet:

    “Usenet is one of the oldest computer network communications systems still in widespread use. It was established in 1980, following experiments from the previous year,
    By 1983 the number of UUCP hosts had grown to 550, nearly doubling to 940 in 1984.
    Google Groups hosts an archive of Usenet posts dating back to May 1981.”

    Hell, when I discovered Usenet 15 years ago, it was abundantly clear I was a Johnny-come-lately.


  2. Oh yeah, I know it’s been around for ages… But I thought it was mostly used by nerds/academics/etc until the early 90’s or so, when it exploded and was discovered by everybody else (including spammers). I do remember playing with it in my college days and having the same “Where have I been??” feeling you describe. 🙂


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