We’re baaaaack!

Well, we flew back into the U.S. yesterday, safe and sound.  It was a great trip for the most part, but somehow I managed to catch a cold the last 2 days we were there, so the flight was kind of hellish in that regard.  10 hours of nose-blowing, sneezing, inexplicably nonstop gas, and occasional shits while trapped in a cramped seat is not the best way to wrap up your vacation!  Naturally all of that was followed up by endless security checks and re-checks, TSA people stamping stuff and asking not-so-random questions, blah-blah-blah…none of which involved access to a bathroom, which I really needed.  One TSA guy dug through all my luggage just because I put “candy” on the declaration form.  Apparently German chocolate is a warning signal for DANGEROUS DRUGS.  Afterwards, naturally, he left all the bags open and messy, so I had to get everything back together again.  A few minutes longer and I could have have given him a stool sample to examine as well.

Anyway, I’m now going through the 1900+ photos I took, many of which will be tossed out because they suck or didn’t turn out right.  I’ll try to have some galleries posted sometime this week.

I was hoping to post a few notes while away, but we didn’t have reliable internet access while traveling, either because nobody offered free wifi (you hotel managers should rethink that) or we didn’t feel like finding an internet cafe and buying an hour’s access for a few minutes’ time.  But come to think of it, aside from email, I didn’t really miss it that much since there was so much other stuff to do.  But naturally I’m gonna spend a lot of time this weekend catching up on all the shit I missed! 🙂

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  1. Welcome back, Barry! Those of us in Iowa have been missing your wit and sanity. Hope you feel better soon.


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