7 days and counting

Well, next week we’re off to Germany and Switzerland for two weeks!  We both really need this…  Critter is slaving away trying to get finished up with school so he can be rid of the UW forever, and I need something to shake me out of my ennui-fueled funk.  I even bought a new digital SLR camera for the trip, since the one I have now is over three years old — in other words, it’s practically ancient. This one looks to be a huge upgrade though, so we’ll see how it performs when I point it at those beautiful mountains and buildings.

First we’ll be staying with his family in their little town of Wackernheim for a couple of days, then we’ll be taking a little road trip down to Neu-Ulm for two days with a side trip to Fussen to see some castles.  Next it’s down to Bern for a couple of days with a side trip to Interlaken (and possibly a train ride up the Jungfrau to see the view and the ice museum).  Might also try to visit the HR Giger Museum, it’s supposedly just a short drive from Bern.  Finally we’ll end up in Berlin for 5 days (seeing a Kylie Minogue show there, woo!) and then it’s back to Wackernheim to catch our breath before flying home.  I’m not really looking forward to the airport/border hassle, but at least Lufthansa now flies directly to Frankfurt from Seattle so we won’t have to stop in New Jersey for a 4-hour layover like last time.

And because I take boredom on long fights very seriously (plus I’m a gadget whore), here’s what I’ll be taking along:

  • Nintendo DS with memory card loaded with games
  • iPod with Bluetooth wireless headphones
  • Cellphone (loaded with complete Harry Potter e-book collection…currently on Book 5)
  • Camera & accessories
  • Video camera (Critter will be using it)
  • Video player loaded with movies & shows
  • Pocket camera for concert
  • Garmin GPS for car navigation

Amazingly I can get all those (except for the video camera) stuffed into my camera bag for carry-on.  I wonder what it all looks like when it goes through the scanner?

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  1. ‘Cellphone (loaded with complete Harry Potter e-book collection…currently on Book 5)’
    No offence, but aren’t you the same person who just a few years ago was complaining about people using their cells for anything other than calling people? Nothing wrong with a change of heart of course, but when did you make the jump? I read your blog quite religiously and haven’t heard any mention of your phone till now.


  2. Hmmmm, I don’t recall anything about that exactly. The closest thing I could find (using the Blogbar search) was this back in 2001: “Why do these companies keep thinking that cell phones are the ideal vehicle for video games, internet browsing, etc.? The screens are far too small for anything like that…what are they thinking?” Nowadays, of course, the screens are HUGE in comparison, so I guess I’ve had to change my mind on that! 🙂 (My post on the new phone has all the geeky details.)
    I do think it’s kind of amusing how the actual phone function of these devices is almost secondary to everything else these days. I totally admit that I use my new phone for actual phone calls only about 10% of the time. The rest of the time I’m playing streaming radio, reading e-books, and surfing the web…most of which is during wastey times like waiting for the bus, etc. Now I really feel nerdy…


  3. hey, i wish you all the best of vacations in europe….looking forward to viewing your pics when you get back………disneyland and universal studios are ok, but i bet you’ll never go there again…….hope you and critter have a fab. time and your travell all goes smoothly……………… bobby t


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