0 comments on “Photographers are not terrorists.

  1. this kind of harassment is what you get after the republicans are in office for awhile……they had it under eisenhower, nixon, reagan, and now we have the shrub and this kind of crap is getting worse………
    under eisenhower, it was mccarthyism, and all the committees, this was terrorism by committee,,,,,peole were turning in neighbors and fellow workers as “un-americans” the f.b.i. would investigate and you could, and thousands of times, DID, lose their jobs….many relatives turned in their own relitives after an argument at the dinner tabel. ….etc.
    the harbor police in san diego, equipted their harbor patrol boats with machine guns and began hassleing fishermen, yachties, surfers, etc,,,,,, i was kicked out of the point loma lighthouse because i had a beard, had sufer trunks on, and one of these jerks that had appointed him self as police chief of the lighthouse, and had looke inside of my vw van and saw my surfboard, gave me the option of leaving before he called for back-up…….the surfboard in the van was proof positve that he had the right guy…this was under nixon……..this is the same kind of crap that the public is now encountering in the air-ports, the same self-appointed red hots, operating under the guise of authouity; in this case the t.s.a.
    4 more years of this shit and we’ll be back to mccartyism………………….


  2. Seriously. Consider doing a follow up post. It’s gone national.


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