0 comments on “Grand Theft Freak-Out!

  1. “Somebody think of the friggin’ children!!”
    Ha! Well said.
    There has been so much hype with this game that I’m tempted to play it. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I’m sure as hell not going to sink any money into it.
    It sounds like the trumpeters don’t care who has the conch and they are going to kill Piggy. Ruin everyones fun before it can even be had. Fuck them. It’s people like that who lobby to pass laws that remove freedoms for a single cause only to have a hell of a lot of negative consequences. And then go on talk shows and cry. Fuck them. Fuckin’ fuck FUCK!


  2. I find it ironic that these people post “GTA will destroy our society” on every–and I mean every–site that even touches it. Case in point, I came across this how-to video site which had a pretty funny rendition of the game and people were flaming it on there. C’mon, this isn’t YouTube…these people will post comments anywhere! Anyway, totally agree with the post…people have the freedom not to play the game.


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