0 comments on “4 Minutes (of suck)

  1. I try not to make statements that are akin to a sociologist but prefer sarcasm. but here goes my spin.
    Seems like most of the “stars” that are younger put out an image more akin to a 30’s cabaret lifestyle. Why? well sex sells but- so do the higher aspects of srt. (older rock n roll had alot of social meaning).
    At least modonna probably does have the brains to go home and realize the bull behind the image, and does a Donna Reed at home ; whereas Paris ,Justin and others don’t. (just my opinion)


  2. Wow, it’s amazing what plastic surgery, makeup, and airbrushing can do to a middle aged skank.
    Related thought: I wish women would figure out that it’s ok to look older than 25.


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