0 comments on “Your Snootch and You

  1. Take a look at last months cover if you just can’t get enough.

    Something that caught my eye: “If Men Edited Cosmo” “You’ll laugh your butt off!”


  2. VA-JAY_JAY…????????ohh myyyyy,….lol…this is just wayyyy too much.
    But better than “your trap………new facts about your lovely snatch”…………huh?


  3. imho, i think over 90% of our fucked up “moral codes” and the use of words describing diffrent sex acts, and other such shit comes to us staight from the fucked up pilgrims……just think of the fodder this creates for the magizines that are an industry and feed off of this crapola……look at the words pee and piss…i know men in their fiftys who will say; “i’ve got to pee”, like they were 5 years old…..wtf!


  4. You know what? The men’s magazines are just as bad when it comes to running the SAME articles EVERY issue. Pick up a Men’s Health. I GUARANTEE there will be an article on “How to please your woman” or “tips for being GREAT in the sack.” There will no doubt be an article with a NEW regimen to get “rock-hard abs” – along with “ten foods that will carve your midsection.” It’s just the same crap every week. I literally think they could run the same exact articles and no one would notice.


  5. Men’s Health is a joke. It must be published by the Dept. of Completely Wrong Information. Recently, one of their so-called “nutrition experts” stated, in response to an inquiry about organic produce, that there’s no difference in nutritional value between organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables. She didn’t point to anything to back this up; just stated it as a fact.
    I sent her an email informing her that things have changed since the 70s, and she should really keep up. I included links to several studies, but I suspect she was too busy telling someone that sugar is a good treatment for diabetes to respond to me.


  6. omfg…. omg that last part on the Vajayjay busted me up….
    not like me to comment on these things but jesus that was hilarious.


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