0 comments on “The mystery vacation

  1. at lots-a-slots (or is it slots-a-slots) you can get a one pound hotdog for a buck
    located next to circus-circus
    Also you might be too tired but on friday is First Friday, which is an arts event in the other wise abandoned downtown district (lasts well into thee night)


  2. Oh Congrats on your 3 year anniversary!!!
    As I type this, it’s our 5th anniversary. The gays must get together in March or something must be the month we come out of hibernation, nest and mate.
    I guess we marked our anniversary by getting two adorable rescue dogs, sisters. Named them Patty and Selma (ala Marge’s sisters on the Simpsons)
    We’re proud parents, we have gaybies! It’s a bit tiresome, worrying about them constantly, I’m waiting for the worry factor settle down, and I just need to take a xanix or something. They were strays from Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico, cutest little pups you ever saw! They have no humane society down in Mexico, so please folks… consider adopting from other countries!
    OH! I’m going with my friends this weekend to Vegas to see Bette! Wow, again, gays must have instincts to do similar things. I’ve heard great reviews.
    Congrats again!


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