0 comments on “Check those credit card statements!

  1. I have luckily never been hacked this way. The worst that has ever happened to me in terms of credit card usage was once that I bought some books in Germany and the idiots charged me TWICE. They refunded me immediatly, and with the higher value of euro, I ended up with some extra money in my favor 😉


  2. your credit card article got me motivated to tighten things up, which i’d been putting off too long already.
    went to the bank and opened a new dedicated account (for online purchases only, with the balance never to go over $100)
    also, if you do dump ms os, i’d enjoy the details, along with others, i’m sure….good luck with that.
    thanks for all the good stuff.


  3. Yup – had the same thing happen about 6 months ago. Someone used our credit card to purchase $2000 worth of tires (or something else that is sold at a tire store?).
    My husband and I both still had our cards, so can only assume it was skimmed at some retail establishment.
    Very irritating as I had to call about 7 different companies to change my credit card information for pre-authorized payment purposes.


  4. I’m always weary of using my credit card online and what not. And i only use a credit card, not my debit card, online only because it’s much easier to get a credit card fixed because it’s “funny money” than a debit card.
    Also, we got robbed back in October and the bastards stole my laptop. Luckily though, i don’t keep any information as far as credit card or bank info logged in on it, but since then i’ve been keeping a close watch on my finances to make sure. it’s scary that bastards out there would do things like that…


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