0 comments on “My secret affair with another OS

  1. I tried out Ubuntu a while back and I was amazed by how easy everything was to set up. I used it as my primary OS for about a month but then began missing my video games, as I am extremely addicted to them. I ended up switching back to Windows XP after getting a new mobo, cpu, and video card. I intend on dual-booting it at some point but just haven’t gotten to it yet. The desktop is definitely amazing though with Compiz Fusion installed. After setting my desktop up I was amazed. I mean, the awesome writing on your screen with fire? The rain/windshield wiper effect. So many fun, worthless things you can do. I love eyecandy.


  2. Love the screenshots. If you turn on anti-aliasing, you can make the fonts look even slicker. Every time I have to work on Windows after using Linux, I’m amazed how poor the graphics look (especially on XP). Also, you come to love your freedom to change anything you want on your system (including the desktop environment). When I use Windows or Mac OS, I feel like a corporation is forcing me to use my computer in only one way.
    Yes, there are hundreds of Linux distros. The price of freedom is that entry into the Linux world is somewhat bewildering for the newcomer, since there’s no one way to do things. Kudos to Ubuntu for creating a user-friendly Linux.


  3. I had the opposite experience from Peter, more or less. When I originally installed Ubuntu, I dual booted the ‘puter so I could use XP for gaming and Ubuntu for everything else. After a few months I realised I wasn’t using the XP install and removed it – if I feel like gaming, I use a console.
    Ubuntu is the way of the future! #8-)


  4. I still use Ubuntu for web-surfing, chatting and all of the simple tasks, though it runs a bit slower than I would like when playing games. (I’m told that it runs many games faster than Vista) The appeal to me is Ubuntu’s responsiveness. It seems as though everything in the GUI works so much faster than Windows. Glad that so many people are getting into it.


  5. Hey that’s my picture on your desktop! 🙂
    I briefly played around with SUSE Linux and it was a bitch to use although it looked nice. I really would rather not use command lines that bring me back to my Amiga days (although it was a great education that many miss out on these days when you have to use DOS).
    I might have to try this one out and give it one more shot. I just wonder how well it will work with all those songs (not really that many) I bought on iTunes.


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