0 comments on “Turn that frown upside down…or the TSA will getcha

  1. a few years back, i heard that underarm stick deoderant wasn’t as effective as plain old alcohol( i see you are carring this stuff to the air-port)……….so i gave it a try and it works!……..sure wish i’d found out about it a lot sooner……….of course, the stronger stuff works best……..hey, give it the sniff test and see for youself……screw the slickers in the advertiseing office ……….


  2. While I believe that to a certain extent you can use observation of someone’s facial (micro as they may be) expressions, but I think the bigger question is, can the knuckle draggers at SeaTac actually differentiate between expressions and moods. I get the general impression that most of them are developmentally disabled anyway. Especially the ones in the corner offices. Wait for the stiffled sneeze or case of the hiccups to be interpreted as maniacally suicidal intentions


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