0 comments on “The MPAA: a sham now more than ever

  1. ” saying it’s too graphic, too violent, to damaging to the American psyche to be seen in public.” I doubt it’s the American Psyche they’re trying to protect…. but more of CYA.


  2. I think the key phrase in all this “damaging to the American psyche”
    personally I think we have the largest country of whiny vaginas on this chunk of spinning rock.
    1. the vast majority of the US population really does have a problem facing the fact that despite being one of the oldest democracies, we have done more than a few REALLY BAD THINGS. We have to justify everything we do as being “for democracy” because we have to be the good guy in any conflict. Never have we said “we should have kept our fat faces out that…”
    2. the governing bodies and military really need us to have this mentality. It justifies bad decisions. well, bad for other countries, the poor and non-christians. And well, if it’s “for” democracy it really can’t be bad. Right.
    I think it’s time for a collective American intervention. Face the fact that we, as a whole, are weak, self-absorbed children


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