0 comments on “My 2008 resolution: “No more friggin’ resolutions”

  1. yep, i’m still here. i’ve been sporadically viewing your site since some very early days… at least five years? six? seven? since the dawn of the internets?
    Keep it up, you’re still interesting 😉
    Cheers mate
    (Sydney, Australia)


  2. Another long-time reader, infrequent poster. You’re one of the first websites I ever found (Bridget’s Wurld initially drew me in). I don’t always agree with you and I can’t visit as often these days, but I like your writing and photography so I try to catch up when I can.
    Admirable goals for 2008 yours, esp. the part about political apathy; who needs the nastiness? What would happen if they held an election and no one showed up?
    And oh yeah, anyone who likes chocolate and uses the word “twat” is okay by me FWIW. “Turd” is a good word too.


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