0 comments on “Apathy check

  1. Love the idea of an Apathy party. Can we make it multi-national? I’d like to start the Canadian arm. Your sentiments on American politics pretty much sum up the way I have felt about Canadian politics for the past 8 years. I used to care, but now I just look forward to going out and “spoiling” my ballot by writing a fitting moniker next to each of the candidates names. I’m particularly fond of “retarded little shitmonkey”… do you mind if I use it on my next ballot?
    And.. I know I have asked you before.. but have you watched the Zeitgeist movie yet?


  2. Actually I did download Zeitgeist but haven’t had time to watch the whole thing yet. I did watch the first few minutes and noticed they had a great George Carlin rant in there about God. 🙂 I need to stick it on my iPod for those long bus rides, it looks pretty interesting.


  3. Actually I’ve heard of that bill but haven’t actually read through it yet. However I’ve heard that it’s not exactly what people think it is, that it doesn’t criminalize anything but rather creates a committee which will then write a paper. I’ll have to go sniff it out and see for myself, because sometimes things get blown out of proportion. But sometimes they’re right on the money, too!


  4. Zeitgeist is the same type of uber-conspiracy crap from that people believe the lizard overlords live under the denver international airport and that the Da vinci code must be true since it’s a book.
    The theories are over wrought and inter-cut with flashes of things that aren’t very relevant.


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