0 comments on “Happy Roasted Bird Product Day

  1. seems like the kinda thing you’d see on Oprah….and she’d give away as a gift to her audience. Probably does taste good though, even if it is ridiculous.
    I mean like why the gambit of the whole poultry species stuffed into one bird…think about it?
    who in the world thought of this crap food?
    and then this too hdtv on a fridge (of course that’ll make all the convenience needed to gain slews of pundage. just imagine you can just plant the frige right in your living room and when your hungry …viola…it’s there for you.
    “This year Oprah’s list includes a HDTV Refrigerator, a slew of stuff from Williams-Sonoma, Rachel Pally, Ugg Australia and much more. Check out the full list here.”http://digg.com/television/Oprah_s_Favorite_Things_2007_THE_LIST”
    Well I want a video built into my toilet so people can watch me on my hdtv refrig, at thanksgiving, perhaps I’ll doo tricks in the bathroom.
    wow …good housekeeping at it’s finest….


  2. Big deal. Here in the real south (Florida)we add a
    frog, a lizard, and a worm for Tur-Duc-Hen-Fro-Liz-Wor.
    Yummy it’s Delish!


  3. I actually saw that product at Safeway and cringed, ewww, that’s for real, really??? That’s a real alien looking product.
    What’s next….?
    Cat stuffed with salmon and partially deboned seal carcass…..
    Mule stuffed with snails and partially deboned tiger meat…..
    Snake stuffed with horse and partially deboned lamb meat……
    Bush stuffed with Cheney with a partially deboned condolezza…


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