0 comments on “Dear holiday travelers:

  1. oh they know what they are suppose to bring, but the u.s. is the land of “but i’m the exception to the rule”. they have to understand that:
    1. i’m entirely too busy to be bothered with checking my luggage. i can’t not bear to wait an additional 15 – 20 minutes so that i don’t have to lug my bag-zilla onto the plane and brain other travelers with it as i tried repeatedly to get it into the overhead storage.
    2. i’m a good red blooded american citizen… and white. there is no reason to think that *i* could somehow be a threat to a plane. therefore there is absolutely no reason for me be held up because i have put something or something*s* in my bad that would be questionable in the hands of someone who isn’t white.
    3. as said whole white citizen of u.s. i am inherently more important than the people around me, and i will hold up any line for any length of time yelling at someone who has no ability to grant any of my mostly insignificant desires until such point as i can scream obscenities and storm off in a huff.


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