0 comments on “*poof*

  1. Mine was zapped by lightning last month. I took out the hard drive and put it in a hard drive case from the local tech store. Cost ~ $20. Works great. I still don’t know if my mac will live again, but at least I got all my photos, music, etc. back. I had gotten lazy about backing up because nothing like this had ever happened in 20 years.


  2. Ouch, I guess I’m lucky if I managed to avoid lightning! Wow. Well, the stupid part is that I’ve been making incremental backups of Windoze and my important documents every other day using Acronis TrueImage, which is a simply awesome program. But when this happened, I had deleted all those incremental backup files (which were taking up 30GB of space) to make fresh ones which are much smaller. Sigh.
    I do like the HD case idea though, my friend Troy has done that before with extra drives. I think mine are OK but I won’t know for sure till I replace the guts and see what happens. It’s part of the adventure of building your own PC I guess. 🙂


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