0 comments on “A touchdown for idiocy

  1. Ah yes, and us Brits always wear spiffy hats, drink tea at the same time everyday, and all have our own potraits of the Queen hanging in our cottages!


  2. Come on, be fair and quote this part of the article:
    “The International Hockey Federation requires the college teams to saturate the synthetic turfs before each practice and all games.
    It’s not just the way the ball bounces, athletics officials say, although field hockey balls do bounce better on saturated fields. When the turf is wet, coaches add, field hockey players have better grip on the surface and report fewer injuries.”


  3. They were indeed just following orders, but it’s like they didn’t even question it. Shouldn’t the community come before the team? They could have canceled practice for a week or just tried it dry.


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