Best email of the day

Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 02:32:48
From: Troy
To: Mr. Barry
Subject: 4skin

You can see the foreskin even!!!!
Disney Princess Karaoke Player

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  1. of all the western countries, have you ever wondered why it is that the usa is the only one that has this bible belt bullshit constantly going on?
    my theory is that it mainly comes from the puritans, (who were kicked out of england because they were a bunch of crazy religious whackos)………these puitans became todays babtists, penticostals etc…..
    i visited a new england town a few years ago that was the site of a witch execution……….after a trial that found her to be a witch, she was executed by drowning in a near-by river, by the simple expediant of cutting a hole in the ice and pushing her under…but when she popped back up sputtering for air, they simply pushed her under again, saying that the devil had pushed her up, and they didn’t want the devil to win, so down she went…….true story


  2. OH, I’m so embarrassed!!!
    Well, not really but in their striving to make something look different and stylish they only succeeded to make the mike look like a big uncircumcised purple DICK that she holds up close to her mouth!!! (I guess Disney is mad that it didn’t think of Barney the Purple Dinosaur first). Nope, it’s not grape juice!!!


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