0 comments on “I believe…in lameness!

  1. What better way to ward off evil spirits with a holy crucifix and terrible music?
    I’m sure the Benedictine Monks never envisioned this…


  2. If you filled it up with Satanic music, like say… oh I dunno…. Metallica or something…. would you be a blasphemer? Or would the cross make it OK? Like holy water or something… a holy MP3 player!


  3. I really don’t know where to begin…
    First, it’s a cheap mp3 player with a large capacity and a crappy interface.
    Second, it’s been mushed into the shape of a cross as a marketing strategy. The Chineese company that makes them is probably motivated by nothing more than good ol’ profit. I won’t start thinking about moneychangers in the temple until this becomes a fundraiser for youth groups everywhere.
    There are a couple of useful links in the discussion on that engadget page. All it really is is a poorly made, dispassionately designed gewgaw. I really don’t think those militant Chinese Christians are pushing this on America. It’s not really much to get worked up over.
    On a more personal note Mr. Barry, is wearing a large and silly cross-shaped object the same as shoving beliefs in faces? Does that reflect bad experiences with individual Chrisians, or with the “Christian” social/political structure in general?


  4. I wonder what it would be like today if Jesus were instead simply impaled on a stick? People would be wearing sticks on a chain and shoving sticks in the air to ward off evil and actors would recreate the scene in large dramatic masses were a person playing Jesus would get a stick shoved up…
    Lordy, I’m in a bad mood today!


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