0 comments on “When Fashionistas attack!

  1. I love it when people who claim to believe in American “freedom” tell other people that they should think or behave a certain way or “get out of the country”. It’s like they don’t even know what freedom means. So ironic!


  2. The Corps is the only real family for too many Marines. It makes these men (and most all are men) very defensive when anyone outside the Corps expresses an opinion about their family.

    There’s a code of “they don’t understand, and maybe it’s better that they don’t” that goes all the way up to the general ranks. That can go either way of course – Gen. Jim Jones expressed it as a hope of preserving the peaceful character of our citizens, but every Marine who takes pride that the Corps existed before there was a Constitution to defend understood him in a different way.

    You have to admire people who become efficient human killing machines for the sake of the rest of us in a world where killing is always “on the table.” But as someone who believes in America’s principles more than our flag or symbols, it irks the crap out of me when they start acting like some higher level of humanity.


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