Still clueless as ever

Hillary recently unveiled her revamped plan to reform our healthcare, but the most astonishing quote from this story came fom the Secretary of Health and Human Services:

Leavitt told the USA TODAY editorial board that Bush will veto a Democratic plan emerging from Congress that would add $35 billion in taxpayer subsidies to the Children’s Health Insurance Program over five years. In doing so, Leavitt said, Bush will urge Congress to join him in seeking coverage for all Americans.  “He’d like to see the larger debate begin,” Leavitt said.  “The very best opportunity we have may well be in the next 15 months.”

Bush, you monkey-brained little shitweasel.  You’d like to see the debate begin, hmmm?  It’s been going on for years, for fuck’s sake!  And if you hadn’t been spending so much time during your painfully long terms in office waging wars at the behest of your corporate masters, getting thousands of people killed in the process, maybe you could have done something useful and beneficial to this country.  Don’t even pretend you give a shit about healthcare.  Go play in your oilfields, that’s where your interests really lie.

There’s nothing like a little bit of Dubya assholery to get me posting again. 🙂

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