Friday quickies

Picture this…or don’t
The Grand Canyon Skywalk is now open, but don’t count on taking any pictures while you’re on it.  According to a C|Net reporter who recently took a walk on it: “…I’ve been told upon arrival that I can’t take photographs while standing on the Skywalk itself.  I can take my camera to the very edge of it and shoot as many pictures as I want from there — using telephoto lenses, even — but there is to be no photography from the bridge itself.  The Hualapai seem to be reserving that right for themselves so that they can sell such images to the tourists who come through.”  So they’re going to charge adults $80 (and kids $60) to walk around on this thing but they won’t allow photographs?   Oh, that’s gonna piss off a lot of tourists, including myself.  Me denied photos, me no pay!

From the Department of Stupid Shit and Utterly Useless Things
The new Tank Limo is sure to be the darling of ape-brained dumbass tools everywhere, or at least those who can afford the hefty rental fee.  The mind simply boggles.   Just where the hell are you supposed to drive this thing?

Dial *777 on your mobile phone to speak to the Messiah
Oh, I just love this.  You’ve seen those fake cell phone towers, right?  They’re usually disguised to look like pine trees or palm trees at first glance, and some towns and communities actually require it.  Well, a town in New Jersey is actually considering raising a cell tower shaped like a fucking cross.  Can you imagine driving to work every day and having to see this giant crucifix in your face?  Talk about offensive and obnoxious.   But why stop there?  I think they should make a giant stuffed Jesus to nail up there.  And let’s not forget to ponder the most important question:  what carrier would Jesus use?  I’m betting on Verizon.

A whole new meaning to the term “cauliflower ear”
Disney’s Epcot Center appears to have a remarkable sustainable farming tour, but this kinda turns my stomach:   vegetables with Mickey Mouse ears.  Dear God, WHY??

Everyone knows that Aquafina is simply tapwater, but now they’re required to put it on the label.  I’m wondering how it will affect their sales…people probably won’t give a shit, as usual.  The same goes for other brands, too.

Who’s being jumpy now?
The Aurora Bridge here in Seattle has long been a favorite of suicide jumpers (not all of them successful), and this latest death prompted the city to look at ways of preventing future jumpers, including “installing fencing along the railings or banning pedestrians from the bridge altogether”.  Say what?  This bridge allows a fantastic view on both sides, and the sidewalks are safe enough to to walk on…I’ve crossed this bridge by foot many times and taken lots of photos (like this one).   Thousands of others walk across it every year, and none of them jumped.   Blocking this bridge or fencing it up won’t solve anything…if someone wants to die, he/she will find a way.

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  1. I Looooooooooooooove bottled water …….
    i make it mayself ,,,,wow tedious as heck.
    First I turn on the faucet and oh soooooo carefully (without spilling a drop) pput it in a bottle.
    Viola…………..there I sit ion my broken down porch and smile….because… hey I made it myself.


  2. Hey, that tank limo could have it’s uses… I mean, what if it were a group of soldier’s night out?
    A more appropriate way to arrive? Doesn’t exist!
    Plus, it could be used to just mow over all the slow ass drivers out there, that insist on ruining everyone’s day


  3. I had the pleasure of hiking in the Grand Canyon this past May, and the skywalk was on our itinerary, but then when we heard of not only the exorbitant admission fee (I’d happily pay the $80 if most of that money went to preserve the Grand Canyon), but an additional $50 PER CAR fee just to get on the reservation! So that would have totalled $210 for that little diversion alone, add to that the fact you can’t take pictures on it, and well, we decided to do an amazing day hike under the rim instead!


  4. about the the jump bridge: I din;t think they care so much about suicide, they care more about suicide on THIER dime/time


  5. I think we should embrace the suicide jumps and make it a tourist attraction. They can rent megaphones to the bystanders so they can yell “JUMP MOTHERFUCKER!”
    The jumping spot should have a sign that says:


  6. I bet some of the spammers could cash in on this by putting up a sign that says “Earn a free iPhone when you jump here!” Gosh.


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