Friday quickies

I haven’t done any quickies in a while, so here we go!

Don’t drop that soap!
Another mega-spammer goes down the toilet this week with a 30-year prison sentence.  And this guy didn’t just sell illegal drugs, most of them highly addictive — he also fled the U.S. with a fake passport and threatened to kill the child of a trial witness.  He totally looks the part, too, with his monolithic cro-mag forehead.  Good riddance, you criminal douchebag.  I hope your sex-starved new cellmate has crabs infected with gonorrhea.

Disney to end childrens’ suffering
Fascinating news:  Disney will officially stop making worthless, crapulent DVD sequels to its hit movies.  They’re working on “The Little Mermaid III” at the moment, and that’s the last of them.  Apparently Steve Jobs (Disney’s biggest shareholder) slammed them for being “embarrassing” and of very little quality, something that’s painfully obvious without watching a single one.  I’ve always sort of marveled at the growing number of idiotic sequels and the relentless marketing behind them.  (I even tried to put together a complete list once, but couldn’t stomach it.)  They simply have no shame, greedily raping their classic movies with sucky sequels.  But that’s Disney for ya…it betrays a stunning lack of creativity and talent, and it’s no wonder Pixar’s stuff is light years ahead.

Cleansing our sinful bits (and bytes)
Just when you thought that virtual worlds like Second Life were safe from the crazies, along come the Catholics. They’re planning to send missionaries into Second Life to preach and try to convert people. Seriously.  Saving virtual souls in a virtual world?  It’s virtually insane!  On the other hand, if we could get them to keep all their soul-saving confined to virtual worlds, we wouldn’t have to be bothered with it out here where normal people live.  Now there’s an idea…

You’re all dangerous terrorists
The moronic and phony “war on drugs” continues, with a federal official coming right out and calling pot farmers “dangerous terrorists.”  It’s simply laughable, but too many people take this shit seriously.  Personally I consider it terrorism to throw people in jail for smoking an herb while millions of alcoholics who get their drugs legally are actually destroying lives, but that’s just me…

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