Hollywood, baby!

Today we’re off to Los Angeles to catch the final show in the True Colors Tour.  It should be pretty interesting this time around, with more acts than the show we saw in Vegas.  There’s even a rumor that Britney Spears is going to make an appearance, though why she’d show up at the final show (and at the very end, from what we hear) is anyone’s guess.  Since this Britney rumor came about, the tour has gotten a TON of coverage in the mainstream press, when before it was just sorta halfway mentioned and then buried in Paris Hilton/iPhone crapola.  It’s too bad that Cyndi Lauper worked her ass off to make this tour happen and it barely got mentioned outside of the “gay press”, yet once Miss Skankalicious injected herself into the picture suddenly everyone knows about it.  Maybe she’ll trip and fall on her ass onstage or something, that would be hot.

So last week we were looking for a hotel in West Hollywood to stay, and judging by the reviews we were reading, it’s hard to find a budget hotel that isn’t a complete shithole.  Here’s a sampling of our favorite reviews from various hotels:

“I come into the room and see my wife sleeping on the bed. I begin to change my clothes when all of a sudden I realize that THERE ARE RED BUGS CLIMBING THE WALLS AND CLIMBING ONTO THE BED AND A FEW OF THEM ARE ON MY WIFE!!!!! I WAKE MY WIFE UP AND SHE SCREAMS IN TERROR AT THE SITE OF THE BUGS. I notice she has bite marks on her arm. I see two of the bugs on a pillow. ”

“If you want to sleep in a place that has used condoms on the floor and blood on the shower curtain, then this place is for you!!!”

“As we got to our room we put the key card in and opened the door only to find out that this room was already occupied!!! There was luggage and clothes all over the place and the beds were unmade. The occupants of this room were not present. However, if this could happen to them why would we be immune from something like this occuring to us.”

“Room was infested with bedbugs. Manager was unwilling to refund.  Horrible experience. streaks all over sheets in morning.”

“Then after they ‘cleaned’ the room, the room was supposed to be non smoking but it REAKED like smoke, and there were many ‘mysterious’ stains/smears on the wall. Frankly I was frightened to sleep in the bed. In the morning, we recieved a wake up call from a prostitute soliciting her services because she saw what room we were in due to the fact that she was leaving as we walking up to our ‘room’. THEN on top of all of that, the manager wrongly over charged us and would NOT give us our money back.”

We didn’t want to spend much more than $80/night (yeah, we’re cheap), so maybe we can’t expect any better than this.  We did end up finding a hotel right on Sunset that didn’t have a single bad review except for one by a whiny mom who was upset that the T.V. remote didn’t work and her precious little spawn darlings couldn’t watch the tube all day…but that doesn’t count as a bad review in my book!  I’m still going to go out and buy a doorstop before we leave today, just so I can sleep a little easier.  I haven’t been to Hollywood for a few years but I do remember it being a pretty skanky place.

We’ll be back on Monday afternoon, so y’all have a great weekend and I’ll bring back some more pics & vids!

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