0 comments on “The iPhone: Is it over yet?

  1. Don’t worry, as soon as the iphone hoopla dies down, there will always be another worthless tool for the sheeple to get excited about. You nailed it by calling this nothing more than a “Big Distraction.”
    Me? I don’t even want the simple overpriced cell phone I already have.


  2. I don’t know why Apple has taken to designing things with non-user-replaceable batteries, but I have my suspicions ($$$,$$$,$$$). At any rate, as long as it’s just a music device, it’s somewhat tolerable. But think about having a phone that you must either mail to a service center or take to an Apple store when the battery stops holding a charge. Will the Apple store be able to give you same-day turnaround? How about when the demand gets heavy? Will you be you OK without your cellphone for a day or 2, possibly up to a week or 2?


  3. A whole day to a whole week without a cell phone? Those poor cell phone users will have it rougher than the Iraquis.


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