Disneyland for Dimwits

Well, the Creation Museum is officially open for business in (where else?) Kentucky.  And, like most churchy things these days, business is the key word:  adults must pay $20 for admission, and kids get in for $10.  That’s a pretty hefty price to see fancy displays based on fake science and morality tales taken as literal truth.  See! dinosaurs on board Noah’s Ark…  See! the Grand Canyon carved in mere days…  See! scriptures used to explain away absolutely everything…  See! your money vanish into thin air...

For those of you who have reached the age of reason, a couple of clever and fun-loving folks took an extensive set of photos at this “museum” and made them all available on Flickr.  It’s vastly entertaining, and I just love how they mock the displays with silly poses and captions.  You’ll see the entire museum this way…for free.  Because bullshit ain’t worth paying for, folks.  (Thanks to Jon for the story!)

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  1. I am a bit offended by your “(where else?) Kentucky” remark. Not all Kentuckians are non-reasoning people like creationists. We reasonable kind are in the majority. . .I hope.


  2. So, with the $10 admission fee per child, would the museum charge a pregnant woman $30? I mean, since life BEGINS at conception, and it’s not a fetus but a CHILD according to their ‘logic’? If so, that is the most brilliant marketing scheme EVER. Take THAT, televangelists! This is the wave of the future!! Ha!!


  3. Yeah, I guess that was kind of a cheap shot at Kentucky. It’s like saying “Today the Smug Hipster Museum opened in (where else?) Seattle.” Point taken! 🙂


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