Cultural Wasteland

I often feel completely out of place, like an anthropologist in a giant shopping mall disguised as a country.  So I tend to take a camera with me just about everywhere, because I love taking pictures of things that make me snicker:  moronic products and strange packaging, insipid advertising, hideous toys, puke-inducing bumperstickers, patriotic peepeecaca, dumbass tools driving giant trucks, etc.  I find it all fascinating and amusing, though sometimes disturbing as well.  Who came up with this stuff, and who’s buying it?  And is it dragging our collective IQ down faster than Paris Hilton’s panties at a frat party?  It’s probably not that deep, but hopefully you know what I mean.

A few months ago I began going through my photo archives and pulling out the ones which relate to this topic, and now they have their very own gallery, appropriately titled Cultural Wasteland.  I’ve been adding to it little by little, and I expect it will keep growing for quite some time.  Check it out, but get your gag bag ready.  (A few pics in there are simply amusing to me, not necessarily disgusting…but most of them are the gag-me type.)  And feel free to leave comments on anything you want, it’s always fun to see what others think of stuff like this!

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  1. And people ask me why I am dying to travel to the US and have a poke around. The only words that will be coming out of my mouth are “you people are CRAZY”. Of course, that will only work in the Southern states so that is where I will be going 😀


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