Prepare for increased road rage

The EPA is finally confirming what a lot of people have suspected: those hybrid cars aren’t getting the phenomenal mileage the advertisements and car dealerships claim, and they’ve had to revamp their mileage figures accordingly.  Apparently their mileage is a little better than average, but that’s about it.  It’s simply another case of consumers being bilked into paying more for something that claims to save the planet but clearly isn’t doing so. Then again, if it sounds too good to be true…

Oh, it’s gonna be fun to read about the reactions from hybrid owners on this one!  You’ve seen how a movie vampire reacts to seeing a crucifix, right?  He sneers, snarls, and quickly turns his face away because it burns his very soul… Now picture the smug owner of a Toyota Prius being presented with these new, less-than-stellar mileage figures.  The reaction is much the same:  “HISSSSS! AARRGGHHHHH, IT BURRRRNNNNSSS!!!” And away he drives into the night.

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  1. A friend of mine has had a prius for a long time now and she has always been pleased with its gas mileage. granted its a small two door car. so.. even if it wasn’t a hybrid it’d still get good mileage.
    i think the real problem is that people are stupid and greedy. they think that a hybrid is going to solve the gas problem blues. that they can hop in the car and drive two blocks to pick up a video and mickey d’s and drive back and save all that gas. the truth being of course that the hybrid part really only works well on long distance. you have to get going fast enough for long enough for the electric to get going.
    want to use less gas? get off your ass and walk, ride a bike, take the bus!
    that diatribe of course being directed at all the luxury SUV bitches on Magnolia


  2. My Prius does get substantially less MPG than the EPA rating – EPA says 55 mpg, I get 45 MPG. Still, 45 MPG is nothing to sneeze at, and 2x what I was getting before. By the way, EPA ratings are too high for nearly ALL cars, not just hybrids. They are revamping for next year to reflect more realistic driving.


  3. What I find unfortunate about this blog is that everything the writer says is so negative. What a sad way to view the world… through such a dark, angry, and jaded spectrum. I know this is supposed to be the stereotype for us gay guys, that we tend to sneer at everything in our path because inside we’re just hurt little boys injured by an uncaring world. It’s just too bad to see it so obviously displayed. Have you considered therapy?


  4. Mr. Barry doesn’t need therapy, he’s not damaged, he’s just a realist.
    Therapists don’t have all the answers, we have our own answers as individuals, answers that have evolved through our life experiences on this planet. Therapy can certainly help damaged people talk about their abuse, their depression, their stress and perhaps come to terms with crap, therapy has a place for some people. I don’t think Barry is damaged by any of those things, he just seeks the truth and doesn’t like to be manipulated, scammed, or lied to.
    Why can’t we be angry at this world? It truly is a big old bag of shit most of the time. Corporate greed, lies, more lies, war, religion that persecutes, political bullshit.
    Despite all the bullshit, there is beauty in this world and it’s what keeps me going. There is beauty in nature, beauty in people, beauty in animals, beauty in art and expression.
    When people threaten or kill/squash/destroy the real beauty in the world, there will be nothing left.
    We have the right to question these assholes who are destroying our beauty, we have a right to make examples of them…. we have the right to WRITE our feelings down and if someone wants to read them and hate them, well fine.
    America is/or was great because of freedom of expression, yet another one of those beautiful things that is always threatened.


  5. Apparently James doesn’t know Barry very well. He finds beauty in a lot of things. Nature. Love. Friendship. Career and a job well done. Technology. Music. Art. Science. Humor. Photography. Movies. Cityscapes. Travel. Cerebral TV shows. And many others.
    Those of us that actually know him know that this blog is his soap box and most of us appreciate his cynical humor. You would hardly know that he is the same person in person as opposed to the portrayal of his somewhat negative attitude toward society in his blog.
    Think about it.


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