The Pansy Pope

Wow, is our new Pope a complete wimp or what?  For a guy who loves condemning entire groups of people to a fiery eternity in hell (he recently called homosexuality “an evil” and equated abortion with terrorism), he’s sure being thin-skinned about criticism aimed at himself and the church.  When an Italian comedian cracked a few jokes about him on television and poked fun at some of his bullshit, the Pope went ballistic (via his Vatican mouthpiece) and called it “terrorism”:

“This, too, is terrorism.  It’s terrorism to launch attacks on the Church.  It’s terrorism to stoke blind and irrational rage against someone who always speaks in the name of love, love for life and love for man.”

Love for life and man, eh?  Interesting words for a guy who lives in luxury and wears Jiffy-Pop on his head.  Saying that speaking out against the church is “terrorism” is laughable and the height of arrogance.  This guy probably isn’t Pope material (whatever that is) if he can’t roll with the verbal punches…especially from comedians.  What a wuss.

So, Mr. Pope, what are you doing about the terrorists within your own church who can’t keep their hands off the children?  They are predators and they destroy lives while cowering behind the protective cloak of the church.  Not to mention the blind rage you have stoked amongst your followers, directed at people you and the church don’t like.  If there’s such a thing as spiritual terrorism, you and your church are guilty-guilty-guilty.

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  1. There are some afternoon drive talk radio hosts near where I live who call spokesmen like these “Spokesholes”. It seems like a label appropriate for this guy.


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