God hates fags…and their faggy music

This idiotic site is a flashy new face on putrid, evil people:  Love Gods Way (a.k.a. “God Hates Fags”) is run by C.H.O.P.S, which stands for CHANGING HOMOSEXUALS into ORDINARY PEOPLE.  Because, you know, to most Christians we homos are less than human.  Most won’t admit it, but they think there’s something wrong with us, something defective and unnatural.  To them we’re animals, really.  But rather than face their own bigotry or (gasp!) show us some of that love they yap so much about, they want to “cure” us by telling us what music to avoid.  Apparently listening to Erasure or Madonna makes you a filthy homo gaywad butt-pirate (despite all the straight people who flock to her shows), but jamming to the squeaky-clean whinings of Michael W. Smith or the laughable faux-hipness of DC Talk brings you closer to pure, white, hetero Christian perfection.  (Funny, I didn’t start liking Erasure until my late 20’s and I’ve been gay long before that. Hmmm.)

Obviously these people are deranged, but it’s just hilarious how much emphasis they put on “gay bands” and the perceived damage they can do.  And why was Cyndi Lauper put on the non-gay list?  I don’t know a single Cyndi fan who isn’t gay, though legend says they exist.

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  1. Again, annoying, hateful organizations, leave us gay folk alone, we mean you no harm, unless you harm us. God made me just the way he wanted to make me, I really was born this way, and if you don’t like God’s will, there is nothing God or I can do about that.
    No Gay person would ever want to change YOU because you’re straight! I really have much better things to do, like listening to Erasure or Madonna… gawd
    Go the FUCK and do something good for this world, something that EVERYONE agrees is a problem…. Starvation, Homelessness, Disease, Save the Planet……. all pretty big things, that need plenty of attention, so pick your favorite and have fun!


  2. Jesus H. Christ Barry how come Nina isn’t on the ‘gay ‘ List..?what a freaking insult….
    are you sure that this site isn’t a parody?-from my Canadian perspective this has GOT to be a joke


  3. Well, that’s what you can call the fruits of political correctness or what it’s called. For the record, I do turn actively homophobic from time to time – that is, when someone’s trying that he/she/it is better than other people by the sole “virtue” of being gay. Otherwise, it goes on the strict “you don’t bug me, I don’t bug you” basis. But speaking seriously… the whole stuff should be a strictly private matter, and no idiot (especially those marketing instant-love-of-the-God-three-teaspoons-per-cup-and-you’re-saved-and-go-to-heaven types) shall be telling me what I shall listen to. Yes, Freddi Mercury was gay. So friggin’ what? I like the music and I don’t give a damn about the guy’s orientation, which was his own private business.
    Ah well… There’s no hope anyway those so-called Christians will see their own stupidity anyway. Better listen to The Doors and just forget the idiots… What?! Them a “gay band”?! Am I in danger of turning gay (my wife will be *soooo* disappoined!) guess not… as I didn’t in 20 years, guess no such “danger” ever existed.
    Looks like I wrote something a bit too long… The translation of all written above would be: “Yuo don’t turn gay listening to the music the morons don’t like, so screw the morons!” and also: “Morons must quit minding whom your neighbour sleeps with!”. Maybe I’ll become a new Leo Tolstoi, just need some more work on writing really boring and lengthy stuff 🙂


  4. i was on the internet looking for pics of Jesus, when I stumbled on this website. I read it and was shocked when I saw the sentence that said ‘God hates fags’. That is NOT true! God loves each and everyone of us. Even if your a murderer, psycopath, goth, gay, lesbian or devil worshiper. He created you and will always love you no matter what you are or do. He may not like what you do, but the choice is yours. Also, when someone said that they were born that way, I believe ,based on what’s in the Bible, that that is a pure, dumb excuse for what YOU have chosen to become. I am not lesbian, nor do I hate gay people. I think that its their decision and I will not stand in their way. I just know that they will pay for it when they stand infront of God. It clearlyt states in the Bible that being guy or homosexual is a sin and those people will be cursed.


  5. Sorry, Elizabeth, but the idea that we “choose” to be gay is just plain wrong. And impossible. I didn’t choose to be gay any more than you chose to be straight. Here’s a challenge for you, a heterosexual woman: starting tomorrow, I want you to become a lesbian. I want you to desire other women romatically & sexually. You know, since it’s a “choice” and all, you ought to be able to do it without a problem. Give that a shot and then come back and let us know how it went.
    It’s impossible, no matter what you believe, just as it’s impossible to “heal” homosexuals and magically turn them into pure Christian heteros. Christians (and certain other religious folk) who think this way don’t understand this concept because they unquestioningly believe everything they are told. It’s ignorance and closedmindedness, plain and simple. If God truly made us, then he made gays this way…and any God who punishes people for the way he made them has got some serious problems.


  6. And what about the animals God made? Some are homosexual in nature, do you think they make a conscious decision to be attracted to the same sex? Animals have instincts. Humans like animals have the same instincts. I didn’t choose it, it was innate, instinctual. I’ve had an attraction to the same sex all my life, even when I was young and didn’t know what sex was, so there was no way I could have chosen this for myself.
    Why would anyone choose to be gay, anyhow? Wouldn’t I choose the easier hetero path if I could?
    Please, just open your mind to the possibility that God DID make creatures homosexual.


  7. Elisabeth:
    I’ll say the same thing to you that I said to one of my instructors in grad school:
    If you’re not gay, what qualifies you to be an expert on the gay experience? Really, I’d love to know. Maurice couldn’t answer the question; I’m hoping you can. When I brought up the point that he and everyone else would laugh me out the door if I claimed to be an expert in the African-American experience (yes, he was black), he said that was different, but when pressed, couldn’t explain how exactly, other than I could “pretend” to be straight, while he couldn’t pretend to be white. Oh really? Should I claim I know better than you what it’s like to be a woman, even though I’m a man? I guarantee you I could “pretend” to be a woman with no problem, so tell me….. what makes you an expert on my experience?
    Put your arugments in this perspective, and you’ll see how ludicrous they are. And stop quoting the Bible! If you have something to say, stand behind it, rather than deferring to a piece of fiction that has been translated and re-translated over time, and is selectively quoted today.


  8. All right, I’m not an expert on being a lesbian. But once I did think that I had a crush on one of my best-friends. I couldn’t stand myself! I thought something was wrong with me. I then promised to God and myself that I would never consider liking another woman.
    And Mr. Barry, if people are born gay, then how come there have never been a set of twins that were both gay? Find me the article and the respected scientist.
    MyK Hell, I’m sorry but I do not appreciate you calling the Bible fiction. Have you ever thought that since its sold all around the World, in every language, that so many people live their lives by, and has been around since almost the beginning of time that it might actually be true? Let me ask you this, do you believe in Heaven and Hell?


  9. Elisabeth, a crush doesn’t make you homosexual. It’s bigger and stronger than that. I’ve known I was gay since I was a boy, and it had nothing to do with how I was raised. Nobody gave me “gay lessons”, and there were no family or social factors that made me gay. I had a solid, caring family and was never abused or “fooled with” in any way whatsoever. And yet, here I am. Think about your hetero-ness: it’s just something that’s been there from the beginning, right? You’ve always known, but you can’t trace it back to a particular event or “lesson.” Religion, however, is something you were taught. You were raised that way, it’s a learned behavior and belief system, not something you were born with. Big difference.
    As for homosexual twins, I’m not going to do your research. YOU are the one with a problem with gay people, not me…I don’t need to prove anything. But just to be nice, I did some Googling and came up with three articles on the subject: here, here, and here. Gay twins do exist, but it doesn’t happen every time. And if homosexuality is a learned behavior, wouldn’t twins raised together turn out gay every single time? Aha, gotcha! Anyway, the last article above has a quote you may wish to take to heart:

    But we need to recognize that this focus on what causes individuals to be lesbian or gay arises from homophobia. Theories focusing on the origin of homosexuality, rather than of heterosexuality, imply that because the latter predominates, it is more “natural” or “normal”. Such a homophobic bias perpetuates the assumption that homosexuality represents a “problem” in need of a “solution.”

    Also, for the record, just because a book is a best-seller doesn’t mean it’s the truth. The Bible is a mixture of historical information and morality tales wrapped in spiritual metaphors and allegories. It was written by men with agendas, men who felt the need to control large groups of people by warping religious teachings to say what they wanted. There are nuggets of truth in there (the Flood, for instance, minus the Ark & animals bit), but anyone who believes stories about talking animals and swordfighting angels as actual fact really ought to read more books. Again, this is all information you can easily read more about with just a little Googling.


  10. Elisabeth,
    I refuse to justify my existence to you. If there is a god, I only have to answer to her/him and not one of her/his creations. Why don’t you let us worry about our relationship with our creator and leave your judgements to yourself? Your “morality” is not welcome because it’s just a smug form of ignorance. Not everybody believes what you believe, nor should we have to believe it. And arguing who’s belief is correct, is just futile. I don’t believe what you believe. And believe me, if you’re the kind of person that’s getting into heaven, I’d rather pass.


  11. Who’s this troll named Elisabeth?
    Don’t rise to the bait. Her beliefs are illogical, so it’s futile to use logic with her.
    Don’t get wrapped around the axle over her world view. After all, she doesn’t know the bible is a work of fiction, poor deluded dear.


  12. Did you guys read that interview with Rose McGowan in Rolling Stone? She had the greatest quote:
    “It seems people are pushing religion harder than drugs these days. Everyone I know who does drugs at least keeps quiet about it.”


  13. Alright. I just took a look at the C.H.O.P.S site. Now, I’m not gay, but I do think that this site is the most hateful bullshit I have ever witnessed. Fuck man! I have seen some hateful shit in my run, but that just takes the cake. People actually find that shit “kind” and “considerate”. Phrases such as “reformed homosexual” and “fag music” vs. “safe music”… oh and my personal favorite, quote “god doesn’t hate you, he just hates your homosexuality”. Fucking bullshit really pissed me off. Stay gay fellas’ from what I’ve seen, its hella’ more respectable than being strait.


  14. @Lennings: Man, it ain’t the MOST hateful bullshit, it’s just regular bullshit you get from ’em pseudo-religion peddlers. No matter what kind of that “Instant love of the God” (1 tsp per cup, stir thoroughly) they try to sell you. Anyway, their “safe” and “fag” charts are so stupid it’s just hilarious. Hmmm… maybe them gods made those pathetic beings for a good purpose after all – that is, to keep sane people entertained?


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