0 comments on “Annoying Busfolk

  1. It bore repeating.
    People who want the row alllllll to themselves by sitting in the aisle seat,
    My absolute pet hate on the train, that one. And it’s all types too: young, old, male, female. The bastards should pay two fares – they’re occupying two seats after all.
    The Simpsons did this over: Lisa is taking an unfamiliar bus and asks to sit next to Seymour Skinner’s mother, who snaps back, “No, I need that for my change purse!” then removes it from the seat after Lisa wanders off.
    Morons yakking away loudly on their cellphones,
    I hate it when my phone goes off in the train, and try to mutter under my breath as much as possible, but you know what’s worse? Someone carrying on a phone conversation from a toilet stall. If I wasn’t a polite citizen, I’d scream, “Do you know he’s talking to you while he’s taking a shit?”


  2. I am a regular user of the bus/subway system in Toronto and that just about summarized my complaints but missed a few:
    1. The front door is for entering. The rear door is for exiting.
    It’s so simple – get on at the front and off at the back. I have seen people walk all the way from the rearmost row for the honour of getting off by the driver and making everybody else wait to get on. All it would take is the drivers to announce something like, “Main Street, exit by the rear door please!” to help the situation.
    2. There is more room at the back.
    I am always surprised at the sudden paralysis that affects people as soon as they get on a bus. For crying out loud, move back! I can usually find more room and often a seat on an otherwise all-standing bus if I head past the rear doors.
    Thanks for letting me vent.


  3. Plus, if you sit in the back, you get to get off first. You know. If you follow the rule that the back door is for exiting.


  4. You forget to mention the group of four or more 14 year old girls who get on the bus wearing identical hipster jeans and revealing identical quantities of buttcrack. They sit at the back of the bus (where others are taking refuge from the insanity), and discuss Dylan’s party on Friday night, and who kissed who. Like, oh my God, he was soooo hot!


  5. When visiting Seattle I rode the bus system there. I loved it. So clean! And free downtown!
    I live in DC. I’ve sat on the outside seat before. It dosen’t bother me when other people do it and they do all the time. Its something I do when I know the line and know I will be exiting the bus before most of the passengers. That way I am not making the person next to me get up and move so I can exit. If someone pauses next to me as if they want the seat I get up and let them sit on the inside. My pet peeve is the people who sit on the outside seat and then when you want to sit down they do the “leg turn” where they just turn their knees to the side and wait for you to brush past them to the inside seat.
    Oh, and I totally agree with you on hating the bus driver buddy. Its a mix of men and women here but they are always very loud.


  6. I think there should be one more entry:
    Something about that decent looking guy that sits next to you and strikes up a rated G conversation, and just when you think “Wow, what a really nice guy” he stops and then asks you if you’ve found Jesus and want to tell you about his church.


  7. Ahhh… buses… You ever taken a Chinese bus? Guess not… So, adding to your list of annoyances:
    * Advertisement players. Yes, they do read books on marketing from the US. “Captive audience” they call us now. There are thousands of cursed things in the buildings, and now they put them on the buses too! Those torture devices possess no volume controls on the outside, and usually are tuned for the maximum volume *and* hooked to the bus’ sound system. Showing the terrible mix of really stupid ads and Chinese flash cartoons (looking like winners of some “World’s worst flash-animated piece of crap” contest). With really terrible sound.
    * “Idiots on the move”. You get every type of them – garbage collectors (in their work clothes), repairmen (dragging around great huge bales of mysterious stuff – always dirty), welders (with those bulky transformers), guys with shovels, TV sets, kitchen utensils (from pans to gas stove to microwave)… Of course they just *have* to stand in the front (and yes, we do have to exit from the rear door here).
    * “Old friends”. They take the seats across the aisle and start talking. In Cantonese. LOUDLY (right around 120 dB). Regardless of the general noise level in the bus. For those who do not know, the Cantonese dialect usually sounds like frogs in the spring, a dog pound full of some little but noisy and very agitated dogs and someone being violently sick – all at the same time.
    * DRIVERS. They never know how to drive the bus full of people. If you can’t get a seat, then better grab all the handlebars and whatnots, for the bus will be literally jumping, impredictably lurching forward (60 kph in just 2 seconds!) and then braking.
    Oh… and they started to install those media players in taxis too… There gous my last refuge from the ads…


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