Friday quickies

Wow, what a long and stressful week.  I feel like pointing and laughing at the misfortunes and stupidity of others.  Join me!

  • Oh Jesus, here we go:  next Thursday, Starbucks will be offering free coffee at their stores for a couple of hours.  Get ready for long lines, fistfights, and scalding molten lattes being thrown into the faces of line-cutters.  Might be kinda fun to watch, actually.
  • Here’s a great blog post by a technical recruiter on how to get your resume noticed when applying for a job.  These rules can be applied to anyone’s resume, not just those in the IT field.  This guy doesn’t mince words…he tells you exactly what he looks for and what makes him stop reading.  I’ve been reading comments posted on his blog and on others about this, and many HR and recruiting folks tend to agree with his methods.  Useful stuff!
  • A television ad that recently ran in Australia has certain scarehappy, kneejerking mommies & daddies freaking the hell out.  Apparently it shows a toddler driving a SUV, and (you guessed it) they’re worried that actual toddlers might somehow figure out how to 1) reach the pedals, 2) turn that big wheel with miniscule arms, and 3) know how to drive.  There are so many things wrong with that reasoning that I can’t list them all.  Fucking retards.  Now, what we really need to worry about are those 12-year-olds behind the wheel…
  • The town of Eu Claire, Wisconsin will be missing its village idiot for a while, because some nutjob decided he’d get drunk and attempt a stunt he saw in one of those “Jackass” movies.  The result?  A scorched crotch and many future years of embarrassment.  But you know, this is simply natural selection in action.  It’s nature’s way of making sure that certain morons won’t be able to pollute the gene pool with their stupid, drunken cracker seed.  (I also love how the Seattle Times filed this under “Arts & Entertainment.”  How approrpriate is that??)
  • My friend Amy sent along a link to something truly disturbing:  Armed America: Portraits of Americans and their Guns.  Now, I’m not against responsible gun ownership, and I’m not one of those whackjobs that thinks owning a gun automatically makes you a killer, but seeing photos of people lovingly cradling their rifles and semiautomatics is both fascinating and creepy.

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  1. Along with the crazy car-driving toddler commercial, I get so annoyed when commercials show anything out of the ordinary that might be dangerous that they have to put that goddamn fucking thing at the bottom that says “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” or something like that. The one I saw most recently was the one that showed tall people getting into cars that were too small for them, which resulted IN THEIR HAIR GETTING MESSED UP!!!!! OMG!!! And for SOME REASON there is some danger in that happening.


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