Don’t touch those balls!

Speaking of retards, a certain Republican politician in Maryland has a giant stick up his butt about something that is obviously dragging our culture into the fires of hell:  Truck Nuts.  You know…the big rubber balls that truck-lovin’ tools all over America are now hanging from the bumpers of their gas-guzzling monstrosities.  I think they’re funny and stupid — the first time I saw a pair of these dangling behind a truck, I did a double-take.  “Are those…balls??”  Naturally, this guy thinks they’re a Big Threat and wants them banned.  He says we’ve “crossed a line,” but I think that line was crossed when Christians began hijacking Calvin & Hobbes images for stupid religious windowstickers.  Fuck, I hate those.  Anyway, a guy who sells Truck Nuts sums it up perfectly:  “It’s a sense of humor.  This lawmaker is looking out for two or three old women in tennis shoes.  He’s got too much time on his hands.”

Be sure and check out the photo galleries on the Truck Nuts website.  Wow, what a bunch of simians.  Priceless!

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  1. I started laughing right after “juicy orange nuts”! Wow, I don’t own an SUV. In fact my vehicle is a bicycle, but I’m thinking I’ll order a set of blue balls. Why? Really, how many people will ever say that they’re looking forward to getting blue balls? ^_^


  2. What I find hilarious is so many people think their cars or trucks are female. When these guys hang the balls from them, well, I don’t think their trucks are no longer ladies.


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