Monday Quickies

  • The Mayor of Moscow recently called Gay Pride parades “Satanic.” Hmmm, I’ve been to plenty of these things and never once noticed anything to do with Satan.  Well, some of the guys were dressed like drag-devils with horns, but that’s about it.
  • A story on Digg claims that frequent YouTube users atch less T.V. and skip more advertisements.  Considering the massive number of people who use YouTube religiously, I think that this may be the definitive sign that the public simply hates being bothered with ads.  You don’t have to be a “wired” person to hate ads, of course, but the YouTube/MySpace crowd is a huge market and I’m wondering what the marketing scumbags will do to reach them…
  • Holy fucking shit:  94% of all email in December was spam.  Is that even possible?  If so, isn’t it time to put out a bounty on these guys who control the botnets?  Seriously, I think someone should offer a cash reward for anyone who can nab one of these assholes and bring them to the authorities beaten to a bloody pulp.
  • ABC News asks the deeply probing question, “Are drug ads misleading?” Gee, what do you think?  I think they’re spending more money on flashy, misleading commercials than proving they’re actually safe to take.  And get a load of those ads for HIV medications:  muscular, ripped men in tight shirts (or no shirt at all) snowboarding thru the Himalayas.  Yeah, that’s realistic.
  • An old article about how the RIAA are the real music pirates has surfaced in Digg, and it’s a fascinating read.  Guess who wrote it?  Courtney Love.  It’s amazingly lucid and informative.  Pretty good for a crack whore.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)
  • Last week’s big “terrorism” scare in Boston has resulted in a couple of arrests and a $2 million fine for the marketing assholes involved.  I don’t know who I’m disgusted with more:  the ad agency or the doe-eyed Americans who are jumping at shadows and cowering with fear.  This kind of advertising is idiotic, but apparently it works.  These showed up in several other cities as well, and Boston seems to be the only city that thought it was under attack…  Have you seen the “terror hoax” (actual term used in the media) they’re talking about?  What kind of terrorist puts up homemade LED cartoons?  Jesus Christ monkeyballs, pull yourselves together!

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  1. Actually that was us, but the book was for Critter’s brother-in-law who’s a huge Christopher Moore fan. But after seeing him talk we kinda want to read some of his stuff now. 🙂


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