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  1. Nope, you’re not alone. ^_^ I’m a PC person who’s used Linux and Macs. I had a few PC tech friends who were on the oppositie side, loving Bill Gates and declaring that Macs were “cute toys”. So just to spite them, I learned the Mac. But I noticed that there were a lot more Mac people with attitudes that PC people with problems against the Macs.
    My husband is a Mac guy, and he even has one of those “Intel Inside = Idiot Outside” mugs… boy, now that Macs run Intels, I’ll bet people feel a little bit stupid for that marketing ploy. ^_^


  2. I don’t care what’s stamped on it as long as it works! The MAC smugness is always a turn off. People, if the technology is that good – why not let it stand on its own merit? People will figure out what fits for them based on their own needs and what they can afford. I think MAC & PC people should be open minded to whatever is out on the market, what’s new and current, do their homework and pick the latest technology they desire.
    Right now, I have a Sony Vaio Laptop which I got from a friend who got it for me as a gift, I like it. Not a big fan of SONY, but so far it’s been rock solid. It does its job. I’ve built my own PC’s in the past, nothing like building something from the ground up, geeky fun stuff!
    I’ve actually had more problems with Dell computers, cheaply made junk.
    Who knows I might be persuaded to get a MAC in the future, I wouldn’t rule it out, might be fun to explore something new.


  3. I just saw here in Philadelphia a show called “Nerds – a musical software satire”. Yes, it’s a musical about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Hysterical. Co-written by the guys who do “Robot Chicken”. Rich with ubergeek references, and although it (from what I know) was historically accurate in many respects, like Gates’ software bundling practices to destroy competition, he would proclaim it while sitting in the Emperor’s chair from The Return of the Jedi.
    Interesting to see the audience during intermission… all hipster geeks. It would’ve been interesting to have a show of hands what they preferred…


  4. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3602055360534110299
    Let’s not forget the Mac Gamer parody from the old switch to Mac ad campaign. Your smug-Mac-tool in the current ads should add that one of the reasons that he’s so damn productive and creative is because he doesn’t waste any time playing the new cool video games.
    And yes, the best computer is the computer that does what you need it to do. If you only need to do word processing and spreadsheets, then why would you *want* anything more than a $350 Dell? Use Linux? Better plan on buying a PC unless you like paying a premium for your hardware. Searching for prime numbers? Buy yourself a Cray!


  5. Yeah. Macs are nice and all, but it seems like those who drool all over them don’t have nearly as much knowledge about what goes on inside them. I had a mac tech once tell me that airpotr extreme is incompatable with 802.11G…
    It’s the same damned protocol with a spiffy name.
    If I was to recommend a computer for my mother, maybe my grandparents; I’d tell them to get a mac. They’re easier to use, far less likely to break down and they look pretty.
    If I made one for a gift however, I’d build it out of old parts, load it with Linux. It would run just as fast, be just as bugproof and instead of the 1K pricetag, I’d end up spending a couple hundred and pulling some spare parts from the closet, though… Wouldn’t look as pretty.
    And… Just for fun


  6. It’s a silly little dick-waving contest. Worse, those indulging in it aren’t even waving their own dicks. Worse still, they’re waving Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ dicks.
    Friends don’t let friends go there.


  7. Well, I’ve had Macs and I’ve had PCs. Each has its drawbacks. My Mac crashed as often as my PC.
    The tie-breaker for me is cost. I don’t see why I should pay twice as much for a Mac as I would for a PC. And I like to download files from newsgroups, and with a Mac I had so many problems with file format incompatability that I don’t have with a PC.
    Same goes for other Apple products. I bought a 30GB mp3 player for $299, considerably less expensive than the iPod 30GB version.
    Funny aside: I saw this article today. Bill Gates is whining about the Apple ads. LOL!!


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