Chastity = AIDS cure!

A Vatican cardinal has, in so many words, declared that chastity fights AIDS.  Oh, for fuck’s sake.   Chastity can keep you from contracting an STD, but it doesn’t “fight” anything.  Shit, we may as well claim that chastity fights cancer and halitosis while we’re at it.  Yeah, I know it’s a matter of semantics, but let’s get our ideas right, shall we?

Also, while chastity can prevent bad things like STDs and pregnancy for those who take risks, it also prevents good and important things like intimacy and pleasure for people who make responsible choices.  Let’s not pretend that chastity is the only real option for avoiding STDs here, which is always the message coming from the churchies.  Catholics in particular have always been big on suppressing intimacy and pleasure…for anyone not standing in the pulpit, anyway.

Say it!

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